Our Story

Why choose local produce?

Brisbane Valley born & bred

Our Brisbane Valley Farm is located near beautiful Wivenhoe Dam. If you’ve made the day trip out to Somerset or Wivenhoe, you know it’s pretty special country. Rolling hills host pockets of spotted gum and ironbarks, and of course plenty of koalas.

It’s a wonderful place to live and an even better place to produce world class meat, which we’ve been doing for generations. What started as a pioneering dairy operation has grown and diversified over the years to take in beef, poultry, and more recently, quail.

But as much as we love supplying domestic and export markets, nothing gives us more pleasure than selling direct to people living in South East Queensland like you. So, now you can enjoy world class meat at cheaper-than-retail prices sourced from a local farming family. From locals, for locals!

To keep our produce super fresh we only deliver to our neighbourhood

Do we deliver to you for free?

Pincode field should not be empty!

How we raise your food

The origins of flavour...

We know what it takes to produce exceptional meat: good pastures, clean water, and a low stress environment. For us, working with animals isn’t a duty – it’s a privilege, and that should reflect in the taste and quality of our products. Our passion is to connect people with our farm and an unrivalled eating experience.

The Extended Family

We're a true family business with the whole family helping to keep things running smoothly.
Then there's the rest of the team, who are basically family as well

Our Produce

Livestock details, cuts, storage advice and tips. It's all here.

Our Beef

We’re very proud of our beef program. We work with local producers to source the best, quietest cattle and finish them on local Rhodes grass and a unique fermented pasture to give them a fresh, clean flavour.

Our Cuts:

  • Leg and shoulder roast
  • Rolled rib roast
  • Topside
  • Rump steak
  • Premium sausages
  • Rib and eye fillet
  • Brisket
  • Sirloin
  • Blade steak
  • Corned meat


For the best taste, our primary cuts require time to age. We do the hard work processing on site so when it arrives in your Farm Direct meat pack, simply leave in the fridge until you plan to use it within the fortnight. Feel free to pop sausages and mince straight in the freezer as they won’t lose flavour.


Before cooking, keep meat at room temperature. Massage meat with olive oil and season well! When cooking, seal meat each side on high heat before turning heat down to finish.


Our Chicken

We raise poultry in RSPCA-accredited growing conditions for major brands like Golden Cockerel. They’re happy chooks with plenty of space to roam!

Our Cuts:

  • Thighs (strips and whole)
  • Breast (strips and whole)


If you’re planning your chicken dishes earlier in the fortnight, you can leave it in the cryovacced packaging in the fridge for a couple of days. But if not, remember to freeze your chicken before the due date.


When defrosting, it’s best to leave in the fridge or on the kitchen bench rather than using the microwave.


Our Lamb

Our dorpa ewes are filling our flock in preparation for our Aussie summer days! Australians love lamb and home grown is best!

Our Cuts:

  • Leg and shoulder roast
  • Premium cutlets
  • Loin chops
  • Forequarter chops
  • Chump chops
  • Premium mince and sausages
  • Shanks


For best eating, plan to use your lamb products earlier in the fortnightly cycle. Lamb has a better shelf-life that chicken, but is not as hardy as beef. Use earlier or freeze … and for the best taste, use within 3 months.


Before cooking, bring to room temperature and season well.


Our Quail

We grow the largest table quail in the world. “Quail with scale” we call them, and they’ve received acclaim from top chefs and food critics alike. We supply them to over 50 restaurants in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and even to Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong!

Our Cuts:

  • Butterflied or whole
  • Deboned
  • Pieces


As with all poultry, cook quail promptly or freeze it before the due date.


When cooking, follow our chef Jason Peppler’s recipes to get the best results.