Lamb Loin Chops 1kg
Lamb Forequarter BBQ Chops 1kg
Lamb Butterflied Shoulder 1.5-2.0kg
Marinated Lamb Shoulder 1.5-2.0kg > Details
Our marinated lamb shoulder is gluten free, dairy free and nut free. Spice level is mild.
Lamb Leg 1.5kg+
Greek Spiced Lamb Patties 1kg > Details
Jason's gourmet lamb patties are spiced with custom Greek-flavours and filled with flavour. Serve in burgers at your next BBQ.


Cook in fry pan or BBQ to your liking.

Allergens & Spice Level:

Gluten, dairy and nut free. Low spice.
Lamb Koftas 1kg > Details


Jason Peppler's delicious lamb koftas go perfectly with a garden salad. Simply place on the BBQ on medium heat, turning often to avoid burning.

Allergens & Spice Level:

Spice level is mild. Gluten free, nut free.
Gourmet Lamb & Rosemary Thick Sausages 1kg > Details
Gluten free. Limited time only for Brisbane Valley Farm Direct.